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“Strengthening Tamaraw and Biodiversity Conservation Amidst the Pandemic”

In a snap of a finger, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and disrupted our lives. Not even the tamaraws and biodiversity of Mindoro were spared from the domino effect of the pandemic. The community quarantine put the tourism and hospitality industry among the hardest hit sector which directly affect jobs and livelihood of the people who depend on it. It has also impacted biodiversity conservation due to the limited movement of rangers and wardens resulting to more frequent hunting and poaching. The uncertainties in health and economic situations has also put our indigenous peoples in a vulnerable situation as well as the conservation and protection initiatives of the tamaraw and biodiversity of Mindoro.

This year’s Tamaraw Month theme reverberates a call of resiliency, versatility and innovativeness.

Conservation partners here and abroad came together to put in place and maximize innovations and the use of modern technology to ensure that illegal activities towards tamaraws and biodiversity are deterred and minimized.
The #togetherfortamaraws campaign was born out of adversity to help our tamaraw and biodiversity conservation heroes to continue with their work amidst the pandemic and its uncertainties. Through this campaign, we have witnessed selfless, emphatic and compassionate response from the global and local communities who heed the call for help to save the tamaraws.

This year’s celebration of the Tamaraw Month is a commemoration of our unified actions and achievements. It is also a reminder that the protection and conservation of tamaraws is a commitment, passion, and responsibility amidst the odds.

The following are the activities for this year’s Tamaraw Month celebration:

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For further information and/or clarification, interested parties may contact Mr. Neil Anthony del Mundo, the Tamaraw Conservation Program (TCP) Coordinator, thru Mobile/Tel. Nos. +63-929-685-0222 / (043)-491-1236.