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“Tamaraw at Ako: Dangal ng Pilipino. This is the theme for this year’s celebration of the Tamaraw Month. It reflects the aspiration of the Filipino people for the Tamaraw and the commitment to conserve, in behalf of humanity, this unique world heritage.  The Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) is the largest land animal native to the Philippines, categorized as critically endangered species.

Presidential Proclamation No. 273 of 2002 declares October of every year as a “Special Month for the Conservation and Protection of the Tamaraw in Mindoro”.  The Proclamation urged all government offices, agencies and instrumentalities in the whole Island of Mindoro to implement activities geared toward the conservation of the Tamaraw and its habitats.

All non-government organizations, private companies or corporations, people’s organizations, academic and scientific institutions, and all other interest groups, within or outside Mindoro are enjoined to support and participate in the yearly celebration of the Special Month for the Tamaraw.

The DENR, through the Tamaraw Conservation Project (TCP) and the Provincial Governments of Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, in cooperation with partner organizations lined up the following activities for this year’s  Tamaraw Month celebration:

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For further information and/or clarification, interested parties may contact Mr. Neil Anthony del Mundo, the TCP Coordinator, thru Mobile/Tel. Nos. +63-929-685-0222 / (043)-491-1236.