Continuing the Battle for Manila Bay

Sa Sama-samang Pagkilos, Tullahan River ay Maisasayos

tullahan river lolo

Many doubt us. They say it can’t be done. They think we’re just wasting our time. But the people of the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) are committed and steadfast. We’re not put down by negative talk. We stay positive around pessimism. That’s why this Sunday March 31, we are going full force to Malabon City and Navotas City to continue what we started in Manila Bay.

Armed with brooms, garbage sacks and determination, the BMB staff will be joined by the volunteers and barangay officials of Malabon and Navotas cities. We will team up to rid the esteros, waterways and streams of discarded plastic bottles, food wrappers and sachets, among others. These solid wastes eventually reach the Tullahan River, which is one of the major river networks in Metro Manila that drains into the Manila Bay.

The headwaters of Tullahan River originate from the La Mesa Reservoir in Quezon City and course through Malabon City and Valenzuela City, before finally pouring into the Manila Bay. Right now, the Tullahan River is considered biologically dead, but with our continuous and united action, we are hoping to bring back the biodiversity it once supported and depended on.

Don’t think that the Tullahan River clean-up is a one-off event. No. BMB is coming up with a plan, together with other concerned national government agencies and local government units, in sustaining the efforts that we started. We are thinking up of initiatives to address issues about the sewerage that flows into Tullahan River. We are also coming up with ideas on how to educate and change people’s behavior living near the river, especially the informal settler families. Our resolve is unwavering and we are going to see this through. We will not rest until the battle to rehabilitate Manila Bay is won.