The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) through the GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) enjoined everyone in this year’s celebration of EndVAW through the dissemination of information and relevant materials, to contribute to achieving the objectives of the EndVAW. The Campaign Webinar which was held on November 29, 2021, via zoom app and face-to-face mode at the BMB Conference Room featured the relevance and appreciation of RA 11313 and MOVE to BMB employees and other invited offices as part of the Bureau’s contribution to this year’s campaign.


end vaw


The Campaign Webinar was attended by  317 participants via zoom and face-to-face mode, with 153 females and 164 males. Participants came from various agencies and sectors, such as healthcare workers, students, teachers, DENR staff, among others. 


endvaw participants

Participants of the BMB EndVAW Webinar 2021 via zoom app