The Cave Management, Protection, and Conservation Program (CMPCP) pursuant to Section 11 of DENR Administrative Order No. 2003-29 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Caves and Cave Resources Management and Protection Act, shall cover all present programs, projects, and initiatives of the Department related to and involving the management and protection of cave ecosystem and its resources. The said program shall also include joint undertakings with or in support of other government units and agencies, people’s organizations and non-government organizations and international entities or instrumentalities. It shall also encompass all ecological support systems contributing to the living organisms in cave and sustainable development of its resources. 

The component of CMPCP shall be as follows:

  1. Cave Resource Assessment – inventory and mapping of caves, classification and assessment of biological, geological, hydrological, archeological, paleontological, and historical resources.
  2. Resource Management and Utilization – regulation of consumptive and non-consumptive use of caves and cave resources.
  3. Visitor Management – development of caves for ecotourism and regulation of cave visitors.
  4. Conservation, Education, and Public Awareness – promote/raise awareness, appreciation, and understanding on the importance of and benefits from caves and cave resources and draw out actions for their protection conservation.
  5. Human Resource Development – conduct trainings and workshops to improve the manpower capability in the implementation of cave management and conservation activities.
  6. Research and Development – development and implementation of researches/studies to support cave management and policy formulation.



Cave Management, Protection, and Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (CMPCSAP)

The Cave Management, Protection, and Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (CMPCSAP) shall serve as framework for the implementation of the abovementioned components of CMPCP (Annex A). The Annex B shall serve as guide for the DENR operations related to cave management and conservation.

Vision: To maintain and conserve the biodiversity of caves and karst landscape including their hydrological, geomorphological, and recreational attributes as well as to promote sustainable resource use and to enhance appreciation of their natural, cultural, and historic values for the present and future generations.

Mission: Implement the Cave Management Protection and Conservation Program (CMPCP) as mandated by the Cave Act and DAO 2003-29.


  1. To formulate and implement relevant policies, plans and programs
  2. To enhance human resource development; research and public education through a democratic, consultative, transparent, and participatory engagement with local communities and relevant stakeholders.
  3. To monitor the progress of the implementation of CMPCP

The CMPCSAP consists of six goals corresponding to the six components of the CMPCP consistent with Section 11 of DAO 2003-29:

  1. Cave resource assessment
  2. Resource management and utilization
  3. Visitor management
  4. Conservation, education and public awareness
  5. Human resource development
  6. Research and development