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This information campaign seeks to increase awareness on the value of protected areas, instill an appreciation amongst the new generation of Filipinos on the beauty and heritage therein, and result to increased visitation rates. The information campaign will begin and culminate in 2022: “The Year of the Protected Areas in the Philippines” with the DENR partnering with the Department of Tourism and Department of Interior and Local Government. A policy declaring the Year of the Protected Area has been developed since 2019 and is awaiting approval. The said proclamation will declare January 2022 to December 2022 as Year of the Protected Areas, which coincides with the 90th anniversary of protected area establishment in the Philippines marked by the first national parks law in 1932.

A campaign on protected areas is very timely given that there is an existing National Ecotourism Strategy and Action Plan (2013-2022) which has the following strategies:

  1. Developing and marketing diversified and competitive ecotourism products
  2. Creating conducive environment for ecotourism investments
  3. Maximizing economic benefits for the host communities
  4. Promoting and developing a culture of ecotourism
  5. Strengthening institutional capacity
  6. Developing and strengthening partnerships
  7. Establishing mechanisms for sustainable financing
  8. Monitoring outcomes and impacts

Based on this national plan, a promotions plan has been developed and will be implemented to ensure that the campaign will be well-communicated both locally and internationally. Partnerships with concerned government agencies and private sector will be explored and forged to expand the reach and engage as many stakeholders for this campaign.

The objectives of the campaign are:

  1. To raise awareness on the ecological and economic values of protected areas
  2. To emerge partnerships within protected areas such as with the private sector
  3. To increase visitor arrivals (local and foreign) in protected areas
  4. To increase revenues of selected PAs

The DENR-BIOFIN Project has established specific targets to address low public awareness, as well as low visitation rates and revenues generated in the PAs which are shown below:

At least 10 media (traditional & social releases);
Media reach of 5% of the national population

Visitation Rates
10% increase from previous year

Revenues Generated
5% increase from previous year