The 2021 National Women’s Month Celebration serves as a tribute, a platform, and a call to action that highlights the extraordinary roles of ordinary Juanas in society as trailblazers and harbingers of change. This celebration is also a venue to discuss and address the issues that women continue to face so empowerment can be fully achieved. The campaign is also a call for concrete, sustainable, and inclusive actions towards gender equality. 

This year’s campaign is different from the previous ones because it is set in the COVID-19 pandemic backdrop, posing both challenges and opportunities for women. Hence, this year’s observance with a theme “Juana, Laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!” highlighted women’s participation in battling the pandemic including discussing gender issues exacerbated by the pandemic.



webinar nwm2021

In line with the said theme of the 2021 National Women’s Month and the current situation brought by the pandemic, the Biodiversity Management Bureau conducted a webinar entitled  Understanding Mental Health in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic



The online webinar was participated by DENR-BMB employees including the NAPWC ground staff, invited guests, and participants from other offices. A total of 178 participants attended the said event with 128 females and 50 males.


teh copy

Undersecretary Analiza Teh delivering inspirational message and short talk on gender equality and equity to the webinar participants



Ms. Cinderella Arellano-Sta. Cruz discussing the main topic of the webinar: Understanding Mental Health in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

She also discusses the result of the summary of responses among 98 BMB employees (Men: 34; Women: 64; Total: 98) 


Top 5 sources of anxiety/stressors in the past 6 months:

Female Respondents:

Male Respondents:

1.      Work

1. Fear of Infection of COVID-19

2.      Fear of Infection of COVID-19

2. Financial problems

3.      Financial problems

3. Work

4.      Family-related problems

4. Transportation

5.      Inefficiency of the current government administration

5. Travel restrictions/outdoor activities


Top 5 effects of the pandemic situation in your personal life:

Female Respondents:

Male Respondents:

1.      Mental health problems

1. Travel restrictions/outdoor activities

2.      Travel restrictions/outdoor activities

2. Mental heath problems

3.      Financial problems

3. Deteriorating interpersonal skills

4.      Work-life balance

4. Increase quality time with family

5.      Physical distress

5. Financial problems


Top 5 ways to alleviate anxiety/stress:

Female Respondents:

Male Respondents:

1.      Communicating with loved ones

1. Physical activities

2.      Prayer/Meditation

2. Watching tv/movies

3.      Physical activities

3. Communicating with loved ones

4.      Watching tv/movies, gardening, cooking

4. Prayer/meditation

5.      Family time

5. Learning new skilles/hobbies


What can we do about these things?:

1.) What can we do about these things?
2.) Value yourself 
3.) Take care of your body
4.) Surround yourself with good people
5.) Give yourself
6.) Learn how to deal with stress
7.) Quiet your mind
8.) Set a realistic goal
9.) Break up the monotony
10.) Avoid alcohol and other drugs
11.) Get help when needed



open forum

Open Forum, with the Facilitators and Ms. Cinderella A- Sta. Cruz, as they entertained questions from the webinar participants raised thru zoom and Facebook page



Assistant Director Amelita DJ. Ortiz, BMB GAD Chair, delivering the closing message of the webinar program