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The Consultation-Workshop on Cave Rescue Protocol was held last May 26-27, 2016 in San Rafael, Bulacan. This was participated in by 47 technical staff from BMB and DENR Region 3 including 15 representatives from people’s organization in Biak na Bato National Park. The said activity was intended to finalize the proposed draft policy on cave rescue protocol by further gathering comments, suggestions, best practices and lessons learned from the experience of cave stakeholders. It also raised awareness on the importance of cave rescue and protocol for the safety and protection of cave implementers and related concerned field personnel.


 Philippine Eagle Week BMB s

This year’s observance of the 18th Philippine Eagle Week (PEW) reminds us once more of the plight of our National Bird. Over the years, our National Bird remains persecuted by hunters. If this remains unabated, no young eagles would be around to replace old or ageing eagle populations’ that will eventually lead to their extinction. As the forest’s top predator, the Philippine eagle upholds the ecological balance and regulates the population of smaller animals that may pose danger to humans and destroy crops. The Philippine eagle’s presence in the forests denotes a rich forest ecosystem, one that can sustain and provide for our needs. We cannot afford to lose our national bird and the vital ecological services that they provide. As we celebrate the life of the Philippine eagle, we urge the Filipino nation to continue our fight to protect the King of the Birds from senseless killings.

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The “Month of the Ocean” (MOO) is celebrated annually in the Philippines during the month of May by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 57 issued in 1999. The “Month of the Ocean” (MOO) is celebrated annually in the Philippines during the month of May by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 57 issued in 1999.

Section 2 of the said Proclamation mandates the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Agriculture (DA) through the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to spearhead the observance of the MOO in collaboration with the different sectors of the society through the conduct of activities that shall highlight the conservation, protection and sustainable management of the country’s coastal and ocean resources.

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The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) together with the Biodiversity Partnerships Project (BPP) will conduct a series of activities on 20-23 May 2016 as part of the celebration for the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDBD) 2016.  The theme of the said IDBD 2016 is “Mainstreaming Biodiversity: Sustaining People and their Livelihoods”.  The celebration aims to:

  1. Inform the general public on the relevance of biodiversity in sustaining people and livelihoods;
  2. Showcase the BD-friendly enterprises/livelihoods and its products/services within and around biodiversity-rich areas; and
  3. Share stories and learnings of women-led and/or women’s organizations on biodiversity-friendly enterprises and livelihoods.
IDBD Activities:
20 May 2016: Learning Event on BD-Friendly Enterprise, Opening of Exhibit BMB Training Center, NAPWC, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
22 May 2016: Livelihood Training by Carl Balita Livelihood BMB Training Center
20-23 May 2016: Viewing of Exhibit BMB Training Center


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First meeting of biodiversity implementation body SBI1

Montreal 8 May 2016 – The first meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI 1) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) came to a close on 6 May 2016 in Montreal, Canada. Delegates from around the world advanced attention on national action by recommending tools and approaches to enhance implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and a more effective operation of the decision-making bodies of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI) was established by the Conference of the Parties, at its twelfth meeting (COP 12). It replaces the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Review of Implementation of the Convention and also provides guidance on the implementation on the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, and the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization.