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The year 2018 marks a new start for World Migratory Bird Day as it now unifies the planet’s major migratory bird corridors, or flyways, namely the African-Eurasian, the East Asian-Australasian, and the Americas flyways. Furthermore, to make celebrations even more successful and relevant to bird supporters all over the world, WMBD will now have two peak celebration days in the year - the second Saturdays of May and October - and can in addition still also be celebrated all around the year, whenever migratory birds are present in a given locality.

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In the Philippines, the highlight activities in observance of the WMBD shall culminate in October to coincide with the start of the annual bird migration. Bringing together even more people in the country, WMBD aims to reach out to a broader audience and amplify its message for bird conservation. As a new platform that unifies the country’s efforts, WMBD will be reinforcing education and awareness-raising about the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats - at all different levels and in partnership with all concerned stakeholders.

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