NOAA marine turtles seminar BMB 4x4

Drawing closer to the CMS COP12, workshops and seminar are being carried out to beef up conservation efforts on highly threatened migratory species. On September 19, a seminar on “Marine Turtle Conservation Science “ in support of Marine Biodiversity and Sustainable Fisheries Management and Enforcement will be held at the BMB Training Center.

The seminar will have two key presentations from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Biodiversity Management Bureau and NOAA Pacific Island Fisheries Center will highlight the respective initiatives of the Philippine Government and the US Government on marine turtle conservation, particularly in terms of what has been done, thus far; and what may be done together moving forward, not only for the conservation of these iconic species but also in support of sustainable fisheries management. The seminar focuses on the use of science and technology for the management and protection of marine turtles within and between countries. In particular, NOAA speakers will highlight research on (i) population assessments (distribution, abundance, demographics, and trends studied through in-water foraging and nesting beach surveys and tagging), (ii) regional connectivity from satellite tracking and genetics, (iii) fisheries interactions and bycatch assessments (small-scale fisheries rapid assessments through fisher interviews, observer programs, and low-cost electronic monitoring technology), and (iv) bycatch reduction technology research (e.g., net illumination trials).