The Biodiversity Management Bureau took the initiative to harmonize the mandates and programs of various agencies and institutions in an attempt to sustainably manage resources in Benham Rise.

Benham Rise (or Benham Plateau) is a 13-million hectare underwater region located northeast of Luzon’s exclusive economic zone and is one of the very few significantly large contiguous areas remaining in the country that are relatively in pristine condition. Recent scientific surveys done in 2014 and 2016 in Benham Bank, its shallowest portion, showed the richness of biodiversity in the area, thereby underscoring the need to have a management mechanism in place.

Three focused-group discussions were conducted on the whole month of November 2016 to identify challenges and opportunities in Benham Rise as well as stock-take on the past, current, and future initiatives in the area. Likewise, the participants were able to recommend strategies and possible mechanisms for the sustainable use of resources in Benham Rise. Outputs will be consolidated into a draft Management Framework which will be presented on a Verification Workshop to be conducted sometime on February 2017.
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